Company Impact:
Increased feature adoption from 2.2% per month to 3% per month and increased customer support productivity. Generated revenue of $600K ARR in 6 months.

3 month timeline for research, design, and handoff.

September 2021
The Impact:
This design increased feature adoption from 2.2% per month to 3% per month.

Introduction to Freshdesk
The success metrics, what Freshdesk does, and what the project is about.
User Research
Plan of action

the product and its users

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a customer support software (B2B) to help businesses manage their customer service operations. It can be used to handle inquiries, tickets, and communication across multiple channels. An example of an inquiry is "I would like a refund" or "I would like to return this item".

Who uses Freshdesk?

Customer enquiries or requests are converted into support tickets for customer support agents to handle, collaborate, and resolve within Freshdesk.

using freshdesk - from a customer support agent's pov


What exists

The Freshdesk - Shopify integration enables businesses using Shopify to synchronize customer data, order information, and support interactions, allowing support agents to provide assistance to customers directly from within the Freshdesk platform.

Please note that the case study below has only been shown in part to comply with the company's NDA policy.


To streamline and enhance customer support productivity

Thereby allowing support agents to access customer data, order information, and support interactions all in one place.

understanding the integration

Why do customer support agents use the Freshdesk Shopify integration?

By having customer and order information readily available within Freshdesk, agents can handle support requests more efficiently. They can quickly access relevant data, respond to inquiries faster, and minimize the time spent on searching for information across different systems.

“It’s time consuming to switch between Freshdesk and Shopify for each support ticket. The integration saves precious time.”

How do customer support agents use the integration?

Every time a customer reaches out to a support team, a Freshdesk ticket is created and assigned to an agent.

For example: Emily reaches out to Crazy Cupcakes asking where her order is.
Once she reaches out via their website, a support ticket is created.

This support ticket is then assigned to an agent who immediately responds.

Once the support agent gets the order details from the customer, the agent opens the Shopify integration to get the tracking details. The agent then replies to the customer.

And the cycle repeats for every customer inquiry.



We sent out surveys and questionnaires to our users (qualitative research) to understand in detail how they'd like the integration to be improved and what problems they were facing.

results from the surveys

"How would you like to improve the integration?"

user research pt ii

"What kind of queries do your customer support agents get?"

competitor analysis

Other CRM - Ecommerce integrations were compared, and each of them had their pros and cons which were listed. (not shown to comply with the company's policy)

What we planned to build


The tracking information was scrapped from the roadmap due to engineering constraints.

Design principles

collaboration and contribution

the team (collaboration)

Sole Product Designer (Me), PM, Engineering Squad



With respect to the design system

I reused components that already existed in the design system, save for one mini button. This mini button was reviewed by the design, engineering and product team and then added to the design system.

The shopify widget - old integration vs the designed integration

Before & After

the designed integration

The Shopify widget - deep diving into the changes

the added flows to the widget

The Shopify widget - deep diving into the changes


The old Refund and Cancel flow and why it didn't work


The designed Cancel flow (in a slider)


The designed Refund flow (in a slider)

a new addition

A shipping information slider


As part of this project - I also designed an e-commerce onboarding experience for potential customers that come across Freshdesk from Shopify.
The onboarding experience was added as part of the secondary release.

Please note that only half the case study is shown to comply with the company's NDA policy.

Thank you!